ZTE to Launch Nubia Z18s With Double Screens Display

Nubia Z18s Double Screens Device


/ by Kevin Smith

Nubia Z18s Double Screen Smartphone

ZTE once being the big woops in comparison to Samsung and Huawei has now turn out to be the pain in the ass to them. ZTE have done it again with their double screen, take a look back in 2017 when they launched the world First Dual-screen Foldable Smartphone named Axon M, which flabbergast smartphone users, now they're back with their new upcoming dual-screen smartphone but not foldable this time.

ZTE nubia z18s phone with double screen

The Nubia Z18s  looks normal like any other phone of 2018 but you only discover the magic when you flip the device you'll be startled seeing another screen right there waiting for you to operate, with a full color LCD display. You know..this days most of the tech companies has engage themselves with notch display, most of the flagship devices we have in 2018 has a notch, cloned from the iPhone x, it becomes a problem to some tech companies, anxiety of where to place the selfie camera, perhaps some folks despise the notch of a thing and they don't go for notch smartphone.

So we believe ZTE is here to solve the problem. ZTE removes the selfie camera pixel entirely you only take all the pictures you want with the main camera like they did on their previous foldable device launched in 2017, with the double screen you don't have anything to worry about just turn the phone around and the main camera do the work of primary & secondary camera. 

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Right now we don't know much about the two on facing screen smartphone Z18s, precisely we have a prove a snippet video clip that shows off the device and how it looks like. Take a look at the device below.

Guess the video wins your doubt right? Take a look at those screens, you saw the main display? How bezel-less and premium the device looks. Well for now the device price is yet unknown but don't expect it to be cheap like borscht, the Z18s won't be less than $600. 

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