Motorola Moto G7 and G7 Plus

Moto G7 and G7 Plus


/ by Kevin Smith

Moto G7 and G7 plus leaks clue no more Moto G7 play Edition

Motorola has set their plan for next year and has changed their mind on some aspects precisely on releasing the play edition of G7. According to my smart price  reveals logos it obtained that shows the names Moto G7 and G7 plus but not Moto G7 play, image prove below

Image source: Mysmartprice

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The news sound strange after introducing the play version in the Moto G4 series the Moto G5 and Moto G5-S series, why the termination of play version G7? Recently we don't have a vast of other updates about the Moto G7 series or the release date but the Moto G6 was released in April 2018, so we consider the Moto G7 to be released around that same period in 2019.

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Moto G7 Leaked Images

On the other hand we encountered a leaked images above Should the pictures indeed be the Moto G7, they have leaked well ahead of the usual spring the labelling on the software, totally makes everything looks doubtful on claiming to be the Moto G7. Another possibility could be that the device is an updated version of the Moto G6 which claims to be G7. But for now we can't give you 100% sure that the leaked images could be the G7 until we hear or get something legit from Motorola then we'll update y'all.

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