Pocophone F1 Gets New MIUI 10 Global Beta, Here is How To Install It

Pocophone F1 Miui10 Install Global Beta


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Miui 10 global beta for pocophone f1 here's how to install it 

 Miui10 pocophone f1 Install Global beta

MIUI 10 is the new android skin Xiaomi just released for the their device, Recently miui is one of the world loved skin in the Android world. It possesses alot of features and designs that will make you fall in love with your device over and over again. Xiaomi has launched Miui10 Global Beta for pocophone f1 users, you will be wondering about bugs right? We didn't see any bugs or any noticeable errors. So we believe the Global Beta does not come with bugs is stable and comes with new refreshing look along with new features.

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You should try it and give feedback on how it is, what you experience and how good it feels. It worth giving a shot, but before you do that you have to go through some  contours routes by following our steps and flash your Pocophone F1 ROM yes you heard us flash ROM, for some folks out there that has not flashed a Xiaomi ROM just keep in mind is totally different from usual ROM, so you will calmly follow our guidelines without adding yours to avoid errors on the way. Alright guess you're ready now first of all Download all the requirements needed for the work below.

Once you done downloading them all, Backup all your private data stored on your Pocophone to avoid losing anything when reset to factory settings. Also make sure your pocophone battery life is not below 50% to avoid crashing on the way we advice you charge up your device before starting. Alright here comes the guidelines, follow the steps carefully and gradually. 

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Step 1

First of all unlock the bootloader of your pocophone. If you don't know how to do so visit this Page to learn how to unlock pocophone bootloader.

Step 2

Download the official Miui10 beta firmware file from the link above.

Step 3

After you download, extract it, we recommend you extract with tool (WinRAR).

Step 4

Install Mi Flash Tool and open it. After installing reboot your pocophone in the FastBoot. You don't know how to do that? Ok, make sure your pocophone is offed, hold power button and volume down button together don't remove your fingers till the FastBoot is been displayed on the screen. Done right? Ok lets move to the next step.

Step 5

Connect your pocophone to your PC or any PC using the USB C cable. Connected right? Now press the refresh button on the Mi Flash Tool. Probably show a connected device right?

Step 6

On Mi Flash Tool, click on the "select" button and move to the folder you extracted the firmware file in, when you find it click on Ok.

Step 7

Click on the Flash button, it might take a little time so wait till the firmware is done flashed on your pocophone. 

Step 8

Once the firmware is installed success message will be displayed on the Mi Flash Tool, wait for it your pocophone f1 will boot into Miui10 Global Beta.

Now you're up and running, you've successful installed the Miui10 Global Beta in your pocophone f1, if you've done a clean flash then complete setup process. Enjoy your new android skin right inside your pocophone f1, the process worked perfectly fine right? Let's hear it in the comment and if you got stocked on the way don't hastate to contact us or use the comment box, so we can ambiguity explain. If you notice any bugs or error while using the Miui10 Global Beta also drop your comment.
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  1. Can I just flash this using TWRP? After we flash this can we go back to version like 9.6.14? I have a full backup of 9.6.14 from TWRP, can I use that to go back to 9.6.14? Thanks.

    1. Yes you can since you've the backup


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