Huawei 5G Foldable Smartphone 2019

The Samsung rival are working on a foldable device along with their first 5G band to surpass the upcoming Galaxy X. The tech giant has join forces with Chinese display maker on foldable smartphones lately they announced their first 5G smartphone coming up in 2019, according to news we heard the company is making alot of effort right now to be the first manufacturer to bring out a fully functional foldable phone with an Outstanding flexible display. 
Let's take a look back in 2017 when ZTE launched their first foldable smartphone Axon M, now Samsung and Huawei wants to do it in an advance way, the two tech giants has embark on a mission to launch well designed powerful foldable smartphone. Its obvious that the foldable smartphone won't be cheap at all, the device meant for select few tech enthusiasts with alot of money to disburse. So expect proximal $1,500 up for the phone.


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