5 Steps to print directly from your Android Devices with Ease

Steps to print from Android Devices


/ by Kevin Smith

How to print directly from Android devices

 Print directly from your android devices and tablets

Do you know the lil device we move around with everyday can do alot of job for us? Do you? We're now in 21st century when technology has made things little easier for us. Today we'll be showing you how you can print directly from your Android phones and tablets with ease.

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Print Directly From Android Device With Google Cloud Print

The google cloud print is the number one application you can use to print and it works perfectly with every printer. Though most Android phones already come with google cloud print functionality. To check yours go to settings=>system and find out the printing option is available, if it is, go to the options and click "cloud print" and toggle it on, for those that didn't see it on they Android device don't feel bad, get yours in Playstore and add a new printer from there straightly.
After you select "add printer" it navigates you to google's cloud print web page, if you've not signed in, it will navigate you to your google account page where you will sign in once you're done, head over to the file you want to print on your Android device over there you'll see menu options where you can do anything you want to the file, renew view details, delete etc along with to print option. So here comes the five steps you'll need to print directly from your Android phone with cloud print.

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  • Open the file you want to print absolutely anything from google drive docs to pictures stored on your Android device.
  • Select the menu button
  • Click print
  • Select the down arrow located next to save as PDF
  • Now select the printer you want to print from. Note if you're confused there and can't find the printer, click on select all printers to show off a list of options.
  • Once you're done, hit the print button

That's it you have printed directly from your Android device successfully, use the steps and print as many as you want, anywhere and anytime.

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