How To Dark Mode Your Windows 10 PC

Dark mode your windows 10 PC in 6 ways


/ by Kevin Smith

6 ways to Dark mode your windows 10 PC

 How to set dark mode in windows 10 PC

You default, most software shows dark text on white background but in other hand some people prefers the light colored text on a dark screen. So here is 6 ways you will need to dark mode your PC, precisely in Windows 10, we actually love black background, it makes view looks good & more mature, so what are you waiting for? Try this out and see how it indoles your PC.

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Enable Dark Mode In Windows 10

Color setup

To enable Dark mode in windows 10, here is what you need to do, right=>click on the desktop and select=>personalize. Click=>colors in the left=>pane. Scroll down and select=>Dark under, choose your=>default app mode.

Dark Mode System Setting Menus

Windows 10 setup

Windows 10's dark mode looks more mature and makes all of the operating systems setting menus has light text on a dark view. You can also control the color of the icons by choosing an articulation color in settings=>personalization=>colors.

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Dark mode File Explorer

File Explorer setup

Precisely in windows 10 insider builds enabling dark mode in the=>settings menu also turns it in for=>file explorer though if you ain't ok in running an insider build of the operating system, probably you'll wait for the next major update. 

Dark Mode Your Browser

Browser setup

To make the tabs, address bar and tool bars in your browser turns to dark mode. You will need a new theme, for instance Chrome's store has a vast dark themes, though if you're a Firefox adherent then, navigate to customize from the settings the Firefox comes with a built in colossal themes=>in the settings menu=>select=>Dark from the=>theme pulldown=>on the bottom of the screen. In Edge=>go to settings=>select Dark from the choose a=>theme menu.

Dark Mode Your Word Documents

Word Documents setup

We knew you have mint changing your word background multiple times by changing the office theme to black but on your own surprise it still shows the word normal theme color. If you really want to change the word initial colors for your documents, you deliberately follow our guideline, first open the normal•dotm-file, located in (:Users[YOUR ID]App Data Roaming Microsoft]=>head to the design tab=>select=>black from the page=>color pulldown. The text will now be white=>save the=>file. Then go to=>file=>options=>Advanced and images in print layout view". Though previous documents you had, will still be black on white mean while go to=>Design tab=>select=>black from the page color menu each time you want to access them.

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Dark Mode Your You Tube

You tube setup

We know some dudes will actually like this part precisely, let's just say when you get to movie theater they certainly turns the lights off to help you see the movie clearly and better. So why would you leave a white background around your video player? Without exaggerating to turn  the lights down in your you tube, click on=>your picture=>select=>Dark theme and hit the switch to on the dark background.

We believe these guidelines actually helps, now share the knowledge out with your friends. Thank you. 

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