Google PixelBook 2 Unveiled

Google pixelbook 2 revealed


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Google pixelbook 2

 Google pixelbook 2

We ain't astonish seeing a successor synthesize with the Pixel 3 we knew something else is coming along, Google could be yarking to release two  pixelbook 2 models this year. The question is, what are we expecting from this new hardwares. We'll be pouring out everything we know about the pixelbook 2.

Google Pixelbook 2 What We Know!

YouTube TV ad

In September, 2018, pixelbook 2 appears on YouTube TV ad and according to a Redditor, the leaked image above showed during a commercial for YouTube TV. The ad is quite the same to other Chromebook advertisements google's been running, but the product shown in it is a device we haven't seen before. The ad also unveils the pixelbook pen will continue to work just fine with the new hardware.

Video reportedly shows detachable pixelbook 2

We knew google will be launching two pixelbook 2 models, the short video above evidently gives us out first look at the aforesaid of those two devices. The bezels bebaying the display also show to be much slimmer than the pixelbook.

Certainly Two Pixelbook 2 Models Are Coming This Year

Yes it is, we heard the news in August 10, 2018, about releasing the devices and later this year, google might embrace us with not just one but two new outstanding machines. Regards to some diligent dudes at chrome unboxed, on sundry consign clue at two new chrome OS devices that google is precisely working on. While another leaked ad above shows 2nd-gen Pixelbook with much slimmer bezels.

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Pixelbook 2 How Much Will It Cost?

Well let's just take a look at pixelbook price last year, the pixelbook price started at $999 to $1649 which depends on the configuration you're going for. So here now the pixelbook 2 price is not yet revealed how much google will charge for it, but with the ad shown above we saw convertible, flexible and Affordable that means it might be cheap.

Pixelbook 2 Release Date

The release date ain't unveiled yet, on the other hand? Google will be holding an event in New York City on October 9, 2018, let's just wait and see how the event goes and the updates that will come out on the event. 

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