All you need to know to build your very own Gaming PC - Guide, Parts and Price

Here is all you need to know for building your very own PC with the price of the components and information about them!


/ by Navansh Shukla

Build your Gaming PC guide, Components and price.


Want to experience gaming on your PC in your way? Here is the solution - Building your own PC! Seems terrifying? you wanna build a gaming PC like Hp Omen 15Asus ROG Zephyrus sDell XPS 15Eurocom Sky S and  Other Gaming PC's? Don't worry. Just keep calm and relax. All you need are the components, a screwdriver and a whole lot of patience...

 So, here is a list of the components you will need accompanied with their price- 

1. Processor


A processor is an integrated electronic circuit that performs all the calculations that are required for running a computer. It performs almost all the basic instructions that are passed from the Operating System. A processor is commonly also known as a CPU (Central Processing Unit), and microprocessor. 

Price: $180

2. Motherboard 


A motherboard is considered to be one of the most essential parts not only in computers; but in all devices. The motherboard is a printed circuit board all the computer hardware components to communicate with each other and helps all the parts to receive power. 
Price: $175

3. Memory 


The memory or the Random Access Memory(RAM) refers to the computer hardware integrated circuits that store information for immediate use in a computer. It is synonymous with the term "Primary Storage". You need to check out the specs of the motherboard you have bought to select how many RAM sticks you need.
Price: $40 (One 8GB stick of RAM)

4. Graphics Processing Unit(GPU)


It is a computer chip that performs rapid mathematical calculations. Basically used for the purpose of rendering images, animations and videos for the computer screen. It is used to rapidly accelerate the creations of images in a frame to give an output to a display device.  
Price: $500

 5. Storage


The hard drive is the PC's primary storage device. It is a core function and a fundamental component of computers. You can buy either a hard drive or a solid-state drive (SSD). You can also combine a lower-end SSD with a hard drive for the best experience. 
 Price: $90 (250GB SSD)

6. Power Supply 

Power Supply

To bring your PC to life, you will need a power supply. A Power Supply Unit (PSU) converts main AC to low voltage DC power for the internal components of a computer.Switched mode power supplies are being used all over the universe by modern physical computers. 
Price: $100 (650-watt PSU)

7. Case 


It is an enclosure which covers almost all the components of a computer. It is usually made of steel or aluminium. These cases come in different sizes varying from model to model. The size of the case is usually determined by the formation of the motherboard. 
Price: $100-125

The Amounts Listed Are Based on Approximation. The actual prices of these components may vary according to the specifications of the parts you decide to buy.

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