Best Playstation 4 Controllers

Best playstation 4 Controllers to buy


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Best Playstation 4 Controllers To Buy

Gaming is one of the essential thing these days, it helps develop our mind psychologically, folks engage themselves on Gaming competition with games like Fortnite and PUBG. Sharpen up your experience in game today with a good controller
 Best playstation 4 Controllers to buy
Is important whether you're a competitive gamer or not precisely a good Controller gives you all balance and boost your gaming techniques. So here are the best PS4 Gaming controller that gives you better experience on these playstation 4 games, go through our list and pick up one.

Razer Raiju Ultimate 

Razer don't take chances when it comes producing gaming gadgets. Raiju is here with full  balance, wants to boost your skills? go get Raiju ultimate wireless game pad, regards to Bluetooth technology that makes it possible today to game wirelessly on your console and PC. The controller is only available in Europe for now but will go global soon. The game pad cost €200 European gamers should Buy Now. If you really need to play with Razer Raiju but you're not in Europe then go get the Raiju next-Gen premium cost at $150Buy Now.

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Ps4 Elite Genius-mods

PS4 Elite Controller Adjustable Paddles (Real Carbon Fiber) GM Master Mod, Trigger Stops, Modded Controller Mod Custom Green Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Quickscope COD Infinite Warfare, WW2 Chrome Custom, need a powerful premium game pad Elite Genius-mods stands anything you throws at it. The game pad cost $150Buy Now.

Sony Dual-shock 4

All hail the shocker, this is one of our best PS4 and pro version Gaming pad is strong, powerful and well designed the pad comes in tons of variant colors. Take a look on how hot the red one looks, trust us the pad gives 100% everything you want if you'll keep it intact, don't open or fix it. The Sony Dual-shock 4 cost $47Buy Now.

Scuf Impact

Say hello to Pro-gamers controller the Scuf Impact gives you everything you'll need to become a pro-gamer. It got the design the balance and the shape. So if you really want a competitive gaming pad gamers folks go for? here's the scuf impact controller. The gaming pad cost $150Buy Now.

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Hori Onyx

Another hot bling on the list, wants to experience the xbox gaming controller on your PS4 or PS4 pro? Hori onyx is here for you, the same functionality of a PS4 controller but in a different form and experience. If you own the both Xbox and PS4  consoles, then you really need this controller. The gaming pad cost $50Buy Now.


The 2018 Upgraded Fully Functional PS4 Wireless Controller, Jar-Owl C1 designed for Playstation 4, if you're looking for something little stylish jar-owl is here for you. The game cost $40Buy Now.


C200 Wireless Controller Gamepad for PS4 Playstation 4 by Sades with good design, strong and balanced cheap PS4 controller C200 is here for you. The game pad cost $40Buy Now.

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