Every Gamer's Dream Controller: The Xbox Anti-Grease Limited Edition Controller

Xbox Anti-Grease controller


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Xbox Anti-Grease Limited Edition Controller  

Microsoft Australia has finally heeded to the wishes of the gamers, by developing a new Xbox controller. Now you may ask what is so special about this controller?  Well, apparently it’s not your everyday controller. The fact that makes this controller so unique is it’s property to repel grease. Yeah, you heard it right. Now you can peacefully enjoy your fried snacks while playing your favourite game. The controller comes in rad looking yellow-on-grey colour scheme and it is hand coated in a urethane material which acts as a repellent to grease and oil.

But sadly this dream controller wouldn’t be available to all of us. Since, it is a limited edition launched to promote the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, on the console. The consoles are limited to just to be sold only in Australia. So, if you’re wondering if you will still get the chance to import it or ask one of your Australian friend to ship it to you. Chances are that before you even think about laying your finger on one of these. The controller would’ve gone Stock out due to it’s limited availability of just 200 units for entire australia. Now, can you imagine the chances of actually owning this.

But we might still hope that Microsoft might look forward to launching more of these across the globe. Some sources also say that these consoles are just the prototypes produced by Microsoft to see the response that it gets and they might be planning for a global release according to the response that  it receives in Australia. However it is not been officially confirmed by Microsoft about the global release. But we sure as hell might want to see that happen. And for the Australian gaming community, Go Grab It Before the Stock Runs Out!

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