Samsung C49HG90, Ultra-QLED Gaming Monitor Review

Samsung C49HG90 OLED Gaming Monitor Specs and price Review


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  • Samsung C49HG90 QLED Gaming Monitor Specs and price Review

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It's obvious that days when dual gaming monitor rules are over, samsung has broke the bound, you won't be worrying on how to set up dual Gaming monitor, with the new samsung C49HG90 Ultra QLED monitor you got nothing  to worry about. How the hell did samsung built a sharply focused monitor? With the fast refresh rates and curved Ultra-wide panels that makes animation displayed on it more fantastic. 

Sometimes we wonder what else can a company do to create a unique product?, Now Samsung answers that question with it's C49HG90 monitor. We install 3 monitors to increase our field of view, but with the new samsung C49HG90 monitor released, we think is high time we go for it, there's nothing so immersive as when one's entire peripheral view points is covered which pushes gaming from play to sensation, we believe no one enjoys seeing that ugly lines between the dual screens when gaming.
So here's our review on the samsung C49HG90 monitor, first of all let's start with the specifications.

Samsung C49HG90 Specifications

Here's what this equivocal monitor comes with

Panel Type & Backlight
SVA (super vertical alignment) / Quantum Dot LED
Edge array w/zone dimming

Screen Size & Aspect Ratio
49 inches / 32:9
Curve Radius – 1,800mm

Max Resolution & Refresh
3,840 x 1,080 @ 144Hz
FreeSync 2: 36-144Hz
Density: 88ppi

Native Color Depth & Gamut
10-bit (8-bit+FRC) / DCI-P3

Response Time (GTG)

SDR - 350cd/m2
HDR - 600cd/m2



Video Inputs
2x DisplayPort 1.2
2x HDMI 2.0

1x 3.5mm input
1x 3.5mm output

V3.0 – 1x up, 2x down

Power Consumption
51.7W, brightness @ 200nits

Panel Dimensions
47.4 x 15.9-20.7 x 15 inches

WxHxD w/base
1,204 x 404-526 x 381mm

Panel Thickness
7.7 inches / 196mm

Bezel Width
Top/sides - .4 inch / 9mm
Bottom – .7 inch / 17mm

26.2lbs / 11.9kg

3 years

Samsung C49HG90 Design

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The monitor design is one of a kind, it excluded dual monitor line margin and creates the same viewing area as two 27-inch monitors marge together, the curves is awesome.

Samsung C49HG90 Screen Resolution

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Talking about the screen resolution, is not that quite impressive as we thought, it's viewable height  is 1,080 pixels (1,920x1,080) panel and it's max resolution is (3,840x1,080). It's extreme width shows density is a relatively low 88 pixels per inch, the screen resolution is not that good enough for gamers especially gamers that plays on Ultra HD (3,840x2,160) panel, but after all you got nothing much to worry about with (47.4x15.9-20.7x15 inches) has saved you the position of dual monitors.

Samsung C49HG90 Display

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The monitor possess a 144Hz refresh rate and free sync 2, it's color is awesome regards to quantum dot backlight & accurate DCI-P3 native gamut and also has low input lag. The viewing area is as two 27 inch monitors marge together. Oh yes the C49HG90 worth the display features, it's one of a kind.

Samsung C49HG90 USB Ports 

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The monitor comes with 2 HDMI 2.0, 2 display port 1.2 (1 mini) and USB 3.0 (Upstream 2 Downstream) audio is supported by 3.5mm jack's, 1 in and out. It also comes with a cable for IEC power and metal adapter with 100mm VESA mount holes. 

Well what more can we say about the gaming monitor? All we know is that the samsung C49HG90 is a superb monitor, it displays a unique color and experience that can't be found in other display monitors, it possess 144Hz refresh rate which is so perfect for gamers. So if you're looking for unparalleled monitor for entertainment or gaming aspect we advice you to take a serious look on the C49HG90, it really got what it takes.

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