Is 'Nokia 9' the 'Most Awaited Phone' to be Launched by Nokia This Month? All You Need To Know

Nokia 9 Review The Awaited Beast To be Launch by Nokia


/ by Shubhang Tripathi
Nokia 9 Review The Awaited Beast To be Launch by Nokia

Nokia recently tweeted about the launch of 'The Most Awaited Phone'. 

The tweet read,

 We are thrilled to bring you the Nokia smartphones event for one of the most awaited phones on Tuesday 21st August. Stay tuned for more!
along with the picture,

Source: Twitter

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Sadly, the company hasn’t given us any insights as to what the name of the phone could be, but since so much effort has been put into keeping the device's name a mystery, we are inclined to believe that it will probably be the Nokia 9.

Could Nokia 9 be the First Flagship to feature an In-Display Fingerprint and an Advanced Carl Zeiss Camera Solution?

From what we can relate to the Nokia 9 from this news by Nokia on it's Twitter page, we assume that it is powered by the Snapdragon 845 chipset. Although it is rumored that the Nokia 9 will be equipped with a 5.7-inch OLED screen, putting it in the same league as giants like the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9, but might not deliver an as impressive display quality.

However, a standout amongst Nokia 9's notable features is an in-display fingerprint scanner. Although Nokia 9 wouldn't be the first phone to feature such a sensor, it could be the phone to mark the entry of this feature in the market. The device obviously has a metallic body, but supposedly it will also have a water-resistant protection. The flagship is expected to release with a 3,800mAh battery.

All things considered, the phone's fate will depend upon it's camera. Due to it's high-end specifications, it is expected to have a high price tag. naturally, the consumer will expect an equal high quality camera. Since most of the phones in the market have a dual real camera system, it will be interesting to see if Nokia 9 leaps forward and past them. Nokia has been very secretive in providing any camera detail, so we will have to wait for the event on Tuesday. Although HMD Global has been known to pull off crazy features before, so a triple rear camera setup might not be out of the question.

Following the same pattern as the other Nokia branded phones from HMD Global, the Nokia 9 will probably be the less-bloated version of android and to add to the excitement, it could feature the Android Pie. Nevertheless, all information will officially be available on 21st August so be sure to check for more. What are your thoughts on the 'Most Awaited Phone' to be released on Tuesday? Could it be some other phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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