Top 5 Best Android apps 2018

5 best Android apps of 2018 so far


/ by Kevin Smith
Best Android Apps From July 2018
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And here goes the best new Android apps of 2018 so far. You can also see the best rooting apps of 2018, alright.. let's go on with the list....

Instagram Lite

With the smart unladen social app named (Instagram lite) precisely works perfectly like facebook lite. It packs a slenderly supernumerary minimal UI. Thuo you might not get the full Instagram experience but at list it's free you don't need to exhaust any money to get it.

KIWI Browser 

Here comes another eminent, outstanding browser, it functions with Chromium as a code base and precisely works like Google Chrome. So if you're an internet adherent and needs something lighter, we believe this is a good browser to get on with.

Moment Pro Camera

Wow!.. I rose Anderson can't imagine how sweet I look when my friend used this app on me yesterday it was awesome!!. Thuo it is a rare new camera app that is very popular in iOS. It comes with a definite features, which doesn't change anything moment pro camera app is awesome!!.

new android apps 2018

Spotify Lite 

Here's another booming lite app working absolutely fine like facebook lite and Instagram lite. It also packs a slenderly supernumerary simpler UI with entire tighter experience. With a bang-up description from play-store, we believe this app worth it all.

Calculator Plus 

And now the calculation comes in the list and so simple to operate especially in the basic satay like arithmetic, trigonometric & algebraic functions, also will be given you results up to 10 decimal places. The app is free and fast in calculation which made it one of the best.

new android apps 2018

Definitely that's alot of new apps out there making their way to the top list but for these five apps listed above are the best, simple & lighter apps on Android for now. However? We'll wait and see the ones that will make it to the list.

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