Momo challenge: The new blue whale challenge

Momo challenge: The new blue whale challenge


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The new blue whale challenge

Over the past few years we have experienced huge leaps and bounds in the aspects of technology. This technology has made our lives easier than ever, without having the need to do much.

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Likewise, there is no doubt that the technology is a blessing to the mankind.But there is also the downside of it, apart from making us lazy. Many people misuse this digital platform and add a dark side to it. One such incident was the Blue whale challenge which had taken the internet by rage and fear. But, thanks to the law and legal system, that took care of it before it could cause further damage.
However, a new such incident had come to light when users received messages from a US number with a profile picture of a disturbing women with eye balls popping out and an unusual frightening smile on her face. The account asks the victim to play the momo challenge. It includes barbarian activities like drinking your own blood, chopping off your finger etc. Denying upon which the victim gets death threats, video calls and disturbing audios.
According to sources, the disturbing women's image used by the momo account  is the artwork called Mother Bird by Link Factory  inspired by the work of a Japanese artist Midori Hayashi, who has no association with the challenge.

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