Google Pixel 3 XL Features price and Release Date

Google Pixel 3 XL To Run AIDA64, Price, Release Date and Other Features


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Google Pixel 3 XL Features, Price and Release Date

 Google pixel 3 xl review price, specs

Google pixel 3 xl is another upcoming smartphone from google and at list specs of the device has been leaked. Well with the superb owl down now on the world of technology, with awe features encrypt in variants smartphones manufactured by tech companies, google can't be left behind they'll will be hitting the tech market with their upcoming pixel 3 xl which will be launch on early October.

Google pixel 3 XL to run AIDA64, price, release date and other features.

Well sometimes is a pain in the ass in the tech arena especially when everyone is competing to add more features on they smartphone just to be at the top but after all it takes a lot to pull off successful smartphone launch, design,specs, security and price really matters alot. With the Image leaked pixel 3 xl will run AIDA64 and feature a (1440x2960) screen resolution packs with 3520mAh battery capacity.

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Image source: mobile review

Also pixel 3 xl will feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845, 4GB RAM & 64GB internal storage with a superior 12MP camera real live capturing, the 6-Inches OLED display which makes things looks smarter on the screen. Pixel 3 xl variant has been upgraded to Android P which added a new complexion on the pixels series. 

Google pixel 3 XL price

The pixel 3 xl price should range from 

That's not all there's another included the new Google pixel Buds which will be sell separately for

Fabby the leak also reveals that Google is serious working on four variant version of the new pixel at least two appropriately on October.

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