Eurocom Sky X4C, X7C & X9C laptops To Support Intel's Core i7-9700k and Core i9-9900k CPUs and GeForce RTX Turing Graphics

Eurocom Sky X4C X7C X9C laptops to support Intel's Core i7-9700k & i9-9900k CPUs and Nvidia GeForce RTX Turing Graphics


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Eurocom X4C X7C & X9C to support Core i7-9700k, Core i9-9900k and Nvidia GeForce RTX Turing Graphics

 Eurocom x4c, x7c, x9c support intel core i7-9700k, core i9-9900k and geforce rtx graphic cards

We guess some of you don't really have a clue about Eurocom, though they ain't that popular as Asus, Acer, MSI and Alienware but after all they're famous precisely for manufacturing thickly engineered laptops. Eurocom plans on updating their laptop (sky X4C, X7C & X9C) models, to feature 128GB of memory, Core i7-9700k, Core i9-9900k processor and the new Nvidia GeForce RTX Turing Graphic cards.

Eurocom Sky X4C X7C & X9C To Support  Intel's Core i7-9700k and Core i9-9900k CPUs.

They're updating laptops also will feature a LGA1151 based socket. Eurocoms went further and said that their updating sky c series will support the Intel's upcoming Core i7-9700k and i9-9900k processors. The laptop featuring Core i9-9900k is going to be superb owl with other laptops precisely because Intel Core i9-9900k is an Octa-Core processor with hyper-threading operating with a 3.5GHz base clock and a 5GHz single-Core boost clock. Similarly Core i7-9700k also an Octa-Core Chip but no hyper-threading and expects to have a 3.6GHz base clock and 4.9GHz single-Core boost clock. 

The both Core's said to come with Intel's UHD Graphics 630 integrated graphics, functions at 350MHz and a frequency of 1.2GHz which will make animations displayed on it more lively and real.

Eurocom Sky C series are expected to ba available from October 2018 along side with the Intel's Core i7-9700k and Core i9-9900k processors launch and to feature the RTX Turing Graphics.

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