Samsung Galaxy J3, J5 & J7 2017 Model To Support (Android Oreo)
Samsung Galaxy J3 J5  J7 2017 Model To Support Android Oreo

One of the Iconic Smartphone company (Samsung) will be updating their samsung galaxy (J3, J5 & J7) 2017 model to Android Oreo in September. The information was revealed on the software updates page of Samsung and also was written in Android soul. 

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With the info we got the prior may not occur in all regions simultaneously. Samsung company is doing a great job with the Good locks app 2018, they added for samsung users to customize their lock screen, now we'll be expecting 2017 model j3, J5 and j7 to support Android Oreo.

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The updates were to be Launch in turkey from September 28, precisely this exhibit a significant delay from the previously suggested time.

2017 J3, J5 & J7 (Android Oreo)

According to Android soul the updates were to be Launch on friday, July 13. Thuo chances for these updates to arrive in other regions a little earlier is 90% inevitable.


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