Top 10 Games Coming To Playstation 4 2018

Top 10 Video Games Coming to Playstation 4 This Month


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Playstation 4 Games Of 2018
 playstation 4 games of 2018

2018 is very Iconic year for gamers vigorously a whole colossal of new games are coming your way. This month games like Frost, Blacksea Odyssey and many more will be launch on playstation 4. So get ready to rumble with these Stunning games coming to the playStation 4 this month. Without exaggerating with the 5 astonished PlayStation Games Launched   previous months, new ones are coming out, let's go with the list of games launching on  playstation 4 on July 2018.

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Blacksea Odyssey

Blacksea Odyssey is a fantastic game, in Blacksea Odyssey you'll battle gigantic space monsters. The RPG takes up-down approach to a rascal-lite shoot. 

Gene Rain

Gene Rain is an astonishing game, in Gene Rain there's deadly death squad that only has one aim to end all the conflict in the world.
Guts And Glory 

Guts and glory is an awesome game this game maybe sound like an action FPS games, but precisely is a game an ordinary gamer can compete in extravagant tasks for glory.

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Let's Sing 2018

Let's Sing 2018 is a fun game with this game you can convince your girlfriend, daughter or wife to start enjoying playing games on your playstation 4 the game is for people who love to sing and it will give you a virtual stage where you can sing and be the best.

Playstation Games of july 2018


Here we go again the creators of tower of guns has create the mothergunship. The game is a first person shooter and packed slot of action scene that brings a host of gun customization options.

Super Dungeon Tactics 

Super Dungeon Tactics is an amazing game that combines tradition RPG characters with a dynamic game play.


Frost is game for smart people is all about a deck-building games set in a frozen world that has been ravaged by a storm.

Hungry Shark World 

Hungry Shark world is popular game but coming to playstation 4 console is just a game to while away your time, you have to eat anything that comes in your way.

Playstation Games Coming to PS4 

Chicken Assassin: Reloaded

Chicken Assassin is an action game that features a humorous over the top story you'll face a number of colorful enemies in Stunning levels and environments.

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The Mooseman 

The mosseman is a horrific & mysterious, game. The mosseman, you have the ability to see three layers of the universe, starting with the layer where dead spirits reside.

These is our list thuo that's a lot of games coming to playstation 4, so get ready feel free to go through our list pick the ones you want and order.

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