How To Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone With Good Locks App 2018

Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone With 2018 Good Locks


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How To Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone With 2018  Good  Locks App
 Customize your Samsung Galaxy lock screen with Good Locks

Samsung Galaxy has elevated it's 'Good Locks 2018' they Customization app that comes with a lot of Customization options for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

According to the company's official press release about the app, Good lock is able to get along well with Samsung branded smartphones running Android Oreo 8.0 and above precisely in the 'Samsung Galaxy Apps Store' here is how to Customize your samsung galaxy smartphone. The Good lock app 2018 is amazing and works perfectly in galaxy phone inside the good lock app, you'll find the following Options.

*Lockstar, Quickstar, Task changer, and Clock face.

Thuo some galaxy phones may have a routines option as well but we perform this with Samsung galaxy s8. 

Customize Good Screen Lock With Lockstar

With the lockstar, you can definitely change the way the lock screen looks on your samsung galaxy phone and you can set multiple lock screen themes and apply them anytime you want.

Samsung Galaxy Customizing Screen Lock Steps

In lockstar, Click on the "plus" icon in the style card.

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Selection Of Background You Want To Use

On your lock screen and you can also pick image from your gallery if you don't want the one in the app.

Once you're done selecting background, click on the "clock" button down below to choose your "clock style" you want for your lock screen. Choose the "clock style" you want.

Then, click on the "icon Visibility" down below choose the things you want to view on the lock screen and if you don't want any deselect it.

Once you're done click on save on the top to save your template and apply it right away.

Customize With Quickstar 

With Quickstar, you can Customize the look & feel of the Quick setting panel and status bar on your phone. You also get access on changing the color of the panel and choose which icons to show & add a multi-windows button to notifications.

Change The Color For Quick Settings

In Quickstar, click on "coloring"

In here, you can choose from one of the recommended color, or create your very own. To do that click on the "plus" icon under "my coloring".

To set the color of the Quick setting icons that are active, change the color 1.

To set the color of the Quick settings icons that are inactive change the color 2.

You can also change the background color

Modify the background transparency too if you want.

Also can enable or disable blurring and dimming of the background when the Quick settings pane is dragged down.

Once you're done, just click on "save" and then click on "Apply" to immediately apply the changes to the Quick settings panel.

Choose the icons visible in the status bar click on the simple indicator.

In here, you can toggle icons on and off for instance you can choose to hide the battery icon in order not to occupy a lot of space.

You can hide/show icons according to your preferences and simply navigate back once you're done. The changes are applied in real-time.

Customize With Task Changer

With Task Changer option, you can change the recent apps screen regulate on your phone. Also select the type of scroll effect you want like cube in, cube out, linear, scale and rotation up & down.

Customize with Clock Face

To choose a custom clock face for your phone's lock screen, work with the guidelines we about to share below.

Click on the lock screen choose the designs you want or you can Customize the color of the clock face. When you done Customizing click on done and your work will be saved.

If you want to Customize the clock face for your phone's always on display.
Then click on always on display from the bar on top, choose the clock face you want, change the color of you have selected and wants to change the color when done with your work click on save.

Customize Your Samsung Galaxy lock screen 

Currently now that you know how to use the Good lock 2018 app from Samsung, do feel free, go download your app and Customize your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. This tutorial imply for anyone who likes Customizing their  device lock screen.

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