How To Set Up Your (Playstation controller) to your windows computer.

Set Up Your (Playstation controller) to your windows 7,8,9 and 10 computers.


/ by Rose Anderson
How To Set Up Your (Playstation controller) to your windows computer. 
set up your playstation controller on windows

Do you know? 90% of gamers around the world games with Playstation wireless controller. You know.., is awesome to game with wireless controller to feel all the vibrations shaking your hands when you rumbling with the fights on the games like God of war, Uncharted and The Witcher 3. You want to try yours now on your windows computer? Alright we’ll take that as yes, we’ll be showing you guideline you will use to set up your Playstation controller on your computer.
First of all make sure your computer has Bluetooth but if your computer does not have you will need an external Bluetooth to set up your (Playstation controller).  

Now Navigate to your control panel, move to your Hardware and Sound open it and click on devices and printers click on Add a device once you click on Add a device make sure your Playstation controller is on pairing mode.

Wait for some minutes for your windows computer to recognize the (Playstation controller) you may be be ask to put in password to pair with the Playstation controller input the password so it will continues with the installation, wait till its done pairing once it done, you’re up and running you have successfully Set up your (Playststion controller)  to your windows computer.

How To Set Up (Playstation controller) On Windows 10

If you’re using windows 10 and this guideline didn’t work for you? Then you going to use this set up. Now visit and download some drivers for (Playstation controller) into your windows, go to control panel move over to your devices and printers.
Plug in your (PlayStation controller) next thing to do is go back to your web browser, open up the folder you downloaded & extract those files to your computer.

After that open up that folder and go to bin, find (Scp driver.exe) and run as administrator, you make sure Bluetooth and configure service driver selected with force install too.
Once you done click install and it will install successfully, go back to your devices and printers, see your Playstation controller has been installed this guideline mostly works on PS3 controller.

We Hope these guidelines works for you if ain’t? contact us for more guidelines. 

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