Detroit Become Human All You Need To Know About The Game

Detroit Become Human is going to be a master piece of game virtual on the game play coming out on May 25th


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Detroit Become Human Game Review
 Detroit Become Human Game Review

Detroit Become Human, the next game from David Cage and Quantic Dream, to be Launch on may 25th, this Stunning Action-adventure game has made a persistently topic on social media.

(Detroit Become Human) looks phenomenon and definitely going to change the development in Quantic Dream video games. (Detroit Become Human) is a new world story set in the future where civilization is made up Human & Android, the android looks like human but android are identify by the blue marks on the side of their head & blue banding on their clothing.

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Human live their life’s in harmony for years enslaving android to do all the works, till the android start developing strange behaviours start leaving their duties human gives them, start commiting suicide which is weird how the machine do that.

Detroit Become Human Game Review

The idea behind the (Detroit Become Human) originated with the short video from Quantic Dream an android called (Kara) Philip Sheppard, Kara is an android been developed in android manufacturing site and at the end of the show Kara leaves manufacturing site & alot of people then began to ask what happened to Kara.

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(Detroit Become Human) is an Amazing game the way you play the game will determine the out come of situation for example your android thinks smartly which gives you more clue and you decide through your actions & choices to shape the story.

Detroit Become Human Game Review

In (Detroit Become Human) they’re three main playerable character (Philip Sheppard for (Kara) who’s more than android that escaped from manufacturing site (Nima Fakhrara for (Connor) an advance android dictative bringing justice to the city of Detroit  and (John Paesano for (Markus) who’s the powerful android and the leader of android Revolution who wants to free all androids humans kept slave. Precisely each playerable character in the game is mostly android, you will be playing with connor dictative, you will investigate crimes, where you will need to rescue the hostage but first you need to ensure you have all evidence & clue to support your confrontation with the define android, you will roam around the apartment check all the evidence, found what happened the more you found clue & evidence the more your probablity of success will be. 

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You will leave to choose right or wrong which involves on the out come success of the game, Connor has to find out why many android are turning bad when they’re not program that way. Then we have Markus android Revolution leader capable of changing their mind by just torture them, it turns bad when androids start destroying things in the city of Detroit, police show off and start killing the android, now Markus is left with choice of fighting back the humans to free all androids this brought Revolution and Connor & Kara has to choose side to fight with Markus to free the androids Or Kara & Connor to find out the truth the reason why the android become corrupt.

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(Detroit Become Human) is going to be a master piece of game virtual on the game play that will be over gamble and will be story that changes the choice you make forever in the game.

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