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PS3 Emulator
PS3 is basically a disc-based system, but utilizes Blu-ray discs which provides more storage capacity for multi-channel audio and HD graphics  We’ve discovered a perfect PS3 emulator honored RPCS3 that proves that PS3 emulation on PC is highly possible and capable to run over 1800 PS3 games, i.e Demon’s souls, God Of War, Uncharted, Persona 5 and many more. You can visit RPCS3 games compatibility to see the list of compatible PS3 games been tested & played with RPSC3 Emulator.

Heading over to the RPCS3-PS3 Emulator we’re going to teach you how to set up RPCS3-PS3 Emulator on your PC and guide you through all the necessary settings on everything you need to know on installing RPCS3-PS3 Emulator on your PC.

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  • Intel Quad-core, AMD Hexa-core or any X64 CPU processor
  • Vulkan Compatible AMD, Nvidia card or OpenGL 4.3 GPU
  • A minimum of 4GB RAM, 8GB or More 
  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Linux 64-bit
  • PlayStation 3 .PUP system update file
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable
  • Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime
  • A self-dumped PlayStation 3 game
  • A USB controller

Alright now move over to your Desktop view and gets things started, the first thing you need to do is install the emulator itself visit RPCS3 Emulator click on the download link  then save it in your Desktop, Once it has downloaded.

Go back to your Desktop and create a new folder name it (RPSC3) and move the download files inside. 

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Then open the folder right-click on the files and extract using your extraction software, once you’re done extracting move the zip file back to your Desktop.

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Go back to your browser visit PS3 system update download the PS3 system software and save it into the RPCS3 folder you previously created.

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Next thing you need to do navigate back to your RPSC3 folder and launch RPSC3, click on (I have read (Quick start) guide & Do not show again) that will be display on your screen and click continue.

The next thing you need to do is go up to file, come to install Firmware and select that file you downloaded ( PS3 UPDATE.PUP) click open and it will now install the new system Firmware into your emulator.

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Now you have successful install PS3 Firmware, move to configuration setting if you wish, there you can do some configuration. you’re done configuring save it and load a game, navigate to file inside RPSC3, click on boot game, select any of the PS3 game you’ve on your Desktop and you’re up and running, you’re now ready to rumble with PS3 games on your PC.

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