The Witcher 3 Now In HDR Patch.

The Witcher 3 Now Supports HDR On PS4


/ by Rose Anderson
The Witcher 3 Now In HDR Patch
The Witcher 3 Now In HDR Patch support

Finally the witcher 3 wild hunt dream comes through they  has upgraded to HDR patch support on PlayStation 4, but unfortunately players are complaining that the patch appears to have some visual & graphics problems. Which we Thought it wasn't really designed for HDR at the time so it doesn't stand out much. Getting displeasuring words from gamers, referring to other games that didn't have HDR support when first released and then later patched looked amazing, But Witcher 3 was screwed up.

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The Witcher 3 Now In HDR Support

According to "Adellyn Marie Solis" living in "Markham Ontario" Canada, he said Am I the only one who is not that impressed with the new HDR patch? From what I can see, there is not that much difference. I actually had to check my TV settings to see if it was really in HDR. 

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It's a very minor upgrade (from what my eyes can see). It looks like the HDR algorithm they are using is not even reaching the standard 1000 nits. Also, some areas in the game just look off.. Geralt's hair changes to different colour in some area, So weird!. 

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Maybe it's the system's limitation but I doubt it.. AC Origins got a very impressive HDR patch which was "night and day" in comparison. Maybe it is much better on the X. But yeah.. on the Pro, it is there but at the same time, it's like.. it's not, It's weird.

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