How To Convert An Application To A Document File

How To Convert An Application To A Document File on Smartphone


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How To Convert An Application To A Document File on Android
Technology had made things easier for we in 21st century on performing a specific task without stress or harden procces precisely  we perform every day job mostly with technologies I.e Smartphone, computer & other tech machines that makes it easy and reliable for us.

what we're saying is Android phones has made things ease for us you can send a huge amount of apps to someone in a twickle an eye with your phone without being curiosity on the size of the apps.

How can you do that? we're here to show you how, it so simple and fast but y'all that has not get encounter or have a clue about it don't worry we're about to show you how just relax your mind and follow the steps we're about to share it is one the simple thing you need to know as computer literate. without exaggerating more let's show you how to do it.

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How To Convert An Application To A Document File

Step 1

Go to your file manager or file explorer locate any application that you want to send to friend in a doc format.

Step 2

Once you have find the app tap and hold till it displays ✓ symbol find out where the wrote (RENAME).

Step 3

Then just click on Rename you will the name of the app will show, clear the (APK) and write doc once you type in doc your smartphone will caution you that renew of the name will cause the app extension Are you sure you want to proceed the click yes your app is now converted to a doc file you can now send it easily any one across the world with stress.

You now converted an app to a doc format  Now the app is ready to send to your friends as doc  Note!! Once you receive the doc rename back and put these words (APK) to be convert back to app. You see the procces is as simple as you don't need to get degree in college or University to know this.

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