Google Play Instant: Play a Demo Before Installing Games With Google play instant.

Google host Game Developers Conference (GDC 2018). Introducing a new feature called Google Play Instant, which should be overwhelming boost for game developers around the world.

With Play Instant, you would be able to play a short demo of a game before installing it. The Google Play Instant tool has been introduced with the aim of easing the process of game discovery, and reducing the instances of installing and uninstalling a game quickly afterwards, which intact app Ranks and analytics.


Play a Demo Before Installing Games With Google play instant.

As the news on official blog Post, Google Play Instant will be available in the Google Play Store, Google Play Games app and all other places where the game links that support the feature are published. The newly announced feature is now available in the Instant Gameplay section of the Google Play Store.

Google's blog post also mentions that more games will get support for the Google Play Instant feature later this year across all the supported app listing platforms. Aside from the new feature, Google has also redesigned the Google Play Games app, whose Arcade section now features trailers of games.

Google Play Instant,

Google has also introduced some new tools to the Google Play Console platform used by developers to create Android games. allowing them to make their game available for up to 100 testers within a twinkle of  eye.


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