FarCry 5 Pro Custom wooden Dualshock Controller picture leaks.
 custom made wooden FarCry 5 Pro and Dualshock Controller

No one believes that producing a game accessories with wood material can be this beautiful. FarCry 5 has been one of the best stunning PlayStation game that gamers can't resist to go for, now they have taken farCry 5 to another level by custom made wooden farcry 5 Pro and Dualshock Controller, this has made a great arguments & complements in social media.

Custom made wooden FarCry 5 Pro and Dualshock Controller

According to "Darren Sludds" It's not a real console it's only made of wood, the controller on the other hand is real, he also said he should probably wait for a price drop or sale, he didn't mind paying for the Father Edition he think it was worth it there's loads to do on it but it is just a rehash of 4s mechanics, still good though. We really confess that the maker really did a great job, with this attractive design giving the game pad no chance of resistance for gamers.

Custom made wooden FarCry 5 Pro Game pad

With this awesome wooden game pad you kill enemies with ease in mission games.


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