1979 Revolution:Black Friday (Review)

1979 Revolution:Black Friday Review


/ by Rose Anderson
1979 Revolution:Black Friday Review And Now on Android & IOS
 1979 revolution black friday Review

Black Friday is now available in play-store and Apple store you can now download and enjoy one the best stunning graphic mobile game of all time. This game really deserves some recognition and attention. Black Friday it is a story-driven adventure game that is based on the true events that took place in Iran in 1979 now the game is very similar and how it plays in fields to a telltale Games title in the sense that it is very much choice driven narrative game. 

This most certainly is not what this honor game is usually fairly light on the action Custer instead on delivering a well-written and thought-out story using visual effects and voice acting coupled with some well- placed real life video footage now.

1979 Revolution:Black Friday Game (Review)

The game is all about the decisions that players make during the revolution, and at times it feels more like a documentary than a game. It's infused with true stories and real photos of the Iranian Revolution, as collected by creator and iNK Stories founder Navid Khonsari. He lived in Iran until he was 11, and his home videos and personal experiences are scattered throughout the

1979 Revolution Black Friday Review Graphics
Game has literally great graphics definitely serviceable and better than we expected. Telltales level graphics but they don't need to be here and they do a good job with what they are attempting to do and the motion-capture held at a very nice touch the game was a fantastic addition. you know guys with no crashes and no noticeable bugs, we found the game to be very stable and we really couldn't find in the issue complaints with the overall core mechanics of the game.

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