Tips on the journey of life & time

The journey of life and time


/ by Aparna Mukherjee

Tips on the journey of life and time: Life, you can call it a play, game or drama, you can term it with abstracts like emotion, love pain. For me, life is a span of time, cycle of learning, a poem of ironies and a bouquet of experiences. 

The journey of life
Reviving the memories from the old photo album, I can see that the white paper, which promised to protect the pictures or the memories captured, had faded too along with the memories, promises and expectations.

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I was astonished as for the first time I learnt that "abstractions of life, termed of emotions are not independent, it has a huge impact in the time span called life". I remember when my small fingers managed to hold the thumb of my father's hand, the pictured depicted it too. 

But no one had seen the effort I made to hold it tight, nobody had seen how the strength of holding him is loosening every moment. You think it's the generation gap, I call it differences, opinions. Opinions which create the backbone of a personality. 

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I respect the man who moulded me but I respect the principles too but with time, we learn, we risk things and we grow. The protective shell of our parents, somewhere loses its durability. The first friendship band of my friend, has lost its spark now, as "friendship has lost it's name now".

 The fault, the culprit is time, with time, priorities changes, mentalities evolves and we are leftover with fading memories. This journey of time, when abstractions change and are dependent on time again, is what defines life to me.

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You can only be compassionate and understanding of others to the degree that you are compassionate and understanding of yourself learn to accept reality of the moment and realize that no other action is possible at the time, learn and know that reality is the same for everyone

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