How to set-up psp Emulator for fast gaming on Android

Configure your PSP Emulator for fast gaming on Android device


/ by Kevin Smith

How to set-up PSP Emulator for fast gaming on Android
Having problem with setting PSP Emulator in your Android phone don't panic we are here to give you guide line on how you can configure your PSP emulator on your phone this steps will fit in your phone in playing games like God Of war( Ghost of Sparta & Chains of Olympus) and other stunning PSP games. The tutorial is been perform with PPSSPP emulator and we recommend it to you.

Set-up PSP Emulator for fast gaming on Android phone


First of all go to graphics setting tap mode and make skip buffer effect (non-buffered, faster) mode Note! This only works on  football games don't put it on skip buffer effect on games like God Of War or dante inferno to avoid lagging kindly put it in buffered randering. When you set to skip  buffer effect leave the frameskiping off and un-tick Auto frameskip. And when you tick buffer randering mode tap on frame Skiping and tap 2. Tick prevent FPS from exceeding 60 (speeds up GoW).


Tap on Alternative speed (in% 0=Unlimited) reduce from 1000 it is, to 0% for an Unlimited speed.

Now move down to performance put randering Resolution to 2×PSP and display resolution (HW Scaler) 2×PSP tick hardware transform, software skinning, vertex cache, lazy texture caching (speedup) and Disable slower effects (Speedup) tick all of them like it's done in the picture above.

Now move down to Hack setting, Tick timer hack and Disable stencil test, put (lower resolution for effects reduce artifacts to (Balanced) move to overlay information put (Show FPS Counter to (Speed).

Now go to system below make sure fast memory (unistable), I/O on thread and force real clock sync(slower, less lag) are ticked. And check to know I/O timing method is on fast(lag on slow storage) you can change it to  Host(bugs, less lag if you want still gonna play smoothly.

Also tick force real clock sync(slower, less lag) and Memory stick inserted) on. Put (change emulated PSP's CPU clock (unistable) on Auto mode.

That's all, we believe these settings will help you alot in setting up your PSP emulators on your Android phone, you can now play God of war and other high ending PSP games without lagging.

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