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Becoming a writer is not a simple task the same with having a good writting skills, in other hand' for you to have a good writting skills you have to practice regularly and be able to provide a glittering information and have no minimum word Target to achieve, you really want to  build a good writting techniques?? Engage yourself with the guidline we're about to share


● Have a clear idea of the content

The very first step in the process of writing is to have a clear idea about the content. It includes preplanning the plot, understanding the target audience and publication medium. As writing a prose is different from writing a poetry, similiarly writing for a blog is very much different that writing a book.

It is very important to understand who the readers of the content would be. Are they coming to read your article? Or are you presenting them with your writing? Are they accustomed with your writings? Or are they first timers? These question should be asked to one’s self before one starts writing something. It’s harder to write considering SEO, if one is writing for an online blog, than writing for some other purpose.

The age group, gender, and location of the target audience is also required to be kept in mind while framing the content. This ensures better connectivity with the readers and helps the article serve its purpose.

● Practice regularly and increase your vocabulary

To be able to write like a pro – you have to first try mastering your skills in writing. This can easily be achieved by practicing regularly. Set an alarm on your phone instructing you to practice writing everyday. You can start with 30 minutes everyday and slowly work your way up the ladder. Also try to learn atleast 2 new words per day, and apply them while you are writing.

Also, to avoid monotony of the reader – restrict yourself from using the same word more than thrice in the article. Alternative words can be used in their place. Increase your vocabulary of such words by purchasing a thesaurus or searching for it online. A thesaurus is basically a collection or list of words with similar meanings and often comes handy for an avid writer.

Try to keep your sentences short. This makes reading the whole article less tedious for the reader. Long sentences are sometimes confusing especially when a lot of ‘and’ & ‘so’ are used in it. If you want to provide a vital information and have no minimum word target to achieve – try to keep the article short. On the other hand, if you have a higher word count to target, try drip feeding the content to the users. Keep a little information in every line and don’t wander too away from the main topic.

● Use the proper punctuations and never neglect its use

Make sure that you don’t neglect the use of proper punctuations as it plays a very vital role in conveying the meaning of the article to the reader. Misuse of comma is a common mistake made by aspiring writers which can lead to a lot of confusion.
For an example – ‘Lets eat kids.’ & ‘Lets eat, kids’ have two very separate meanings but the only difference they have is the use of a comma.

Similarly, the use of apostrophes in places where is should not be and not using them where they are needed the most makes things complicated. It is also to be kept in mind that when addressing a singular noun the apostrophe is put before the letter ‘s’ and in case of plural noun the apostrophe is put at the end.
Such that –  The annual function was arranged with the student’s money.’ & ‘The annual function was arranged with the students’ money’ convey two different meanings. In the former, the money of only one student is talked about while in the later one – the money of all the students are mentioned.


● Read other people’s work

Though reading and writing seem like the opposite sides of a coin, practicing one helps to improve the skill of the other. By reading, one can unlock for himself a huge arsenal of new words, writing techniques and ideas.

Try to read other’s work in the same field you are working on. This allows you to understand the ever shifting trend in the writing world and helps you adapt to it. Every writer has their own unique pattern of writing articles and a great deal can be learned from reading their content. Try to observe how writers infuse their perspective on simple things through their work. Practice writing the same thing they potray in your own language.

You can also join serveral forums across the internet, where writers coming from different parts of the globe to discuss about writing and share information. Being part of such a community helps indivituals to express their opinions and analyse them with several others like themselves. Such communities also provide platforms for new writers to publish their work opening them to real audiences. This not only helps boost their confidence but also increase the quality of their work as they get suggestions from other writers from the same genre.

To conclude, writing is a very interesting passion to comprehend and like any other passion, if followed with ambition can be transformed into a stable career. It can be a productive way to pass time and to increase the mental horizon of an individual. To increase one’s writing skill, all he/she has to do is dedicate themselves to the work and practice regularly. As research shows – to master an art one has to practice it for around 10,000 hours. But mastery in the field of writing can be achieved much before that through will and determination.
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