Choose Your Destination Wisely

Choose Your Destination Wisely


/ by Rose Anderson

Successful living requires that you devote yourself to Fulfilling a Worthy life plan. If you do not consciously commit yourself to the personal response ability of giving your life purpose and direction, you will be like a ship without a captain to steer it or a chart to fellow, the kind vessel destined to end up shipwrecked on some desert island, for a ship without destination flounders at Sea and is lost .

In life, so many opportunities needlessly pass us by because we do not know where we are going. There is an intelligent Force in the universe which is unfolding a master plan for creation & you are part of that plan. Everything has a place and a reason for being. It may be that your problems exist primarily because you are not in your right place, there are things you should be doing which you are neglecting or avoiding. You don't fully appreciate the fact that you are a unique individual with a special place to occupy and a purpose to fulfill. Your contribution to life may not seem great but, as part of the supreme Architect's plan, you are, none the less, just as important as the most prestigious person you know of.

Everything worthwhile that has happened throughout the ages is part of the creative plan. All the world's great achievements, in every Field of endeavor, have been made possible because individuals have listened to inner Guidance which manifested a strong desire and inspired them to set out to achieve it. To others, these desires may have seemed futile. But realize that they are not merely corks floating aimlessly on an ocean, but individuals in full control of their destinies.

Several studies have shown that individuals who have a definite plan for their lives are happier and more successful than those who do not and it is tragically true. For instance, that the major difference between People confined to mental institutions and those who are not is that almost without exception the inmates have no plans or goals.

At this stage of your development it is important for you to make a plan for your life, choose your destination wisely one which will utilize all your talents and abilities. You take the time right now to figure out what you want to do and how far you want to go, Otherwise like the captainless ship you will end up useless to yourself and everyone else.

Each area of your life should be planned so that you can judge if you are making progress. How can you possibly know if you are succeeding if you don't establish a goal? Set up your talents and aim straight for them. Once you begin doing this, you will discover the pleasure, satisfaction and value of making detailed plans for the things you want to accomplish.

One of the basic secrets in achieving our objectives is to break our big goals into number of smaller ones. Nothing is really difficult if it is broken down into parts. As each part each short-range goals becomes a reality, the satisfaction derived from it's attainment is a spur to the next milepost. Failing to understand this principle, many people resist establishing   large goals because the total effort involved in achieving them seems overwhelming. A single glass of water can form a dense fog , if  you break down the water into sixty-thousand million drops , it can cover an entire seven blocks area and extend to a height of one hundred feet. The same is true of your efforts. If applied each day in the end they will make equally as great as impression.

In the game of goal-setting and choosing Your Destination, one hundred percent success is not a requirement. Even if you don't achieve everything you set out to do , you will still be further ahead than if you just did nothing as is the case with so many people. It is a fact that goals whether they are realized or not, constructively change People's lives. They direct our mental energies into positive channels and destination. All it takes is to know what you want to have, where you want to be, what you want to achieve and what you want to become the choice is yours to make, choose your destination wisely!!.

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