How To Share Your Smartphone Internet Data To Your PC.

How To Connect Your phone Internet Network Data With Your PC To Browse


/ by Kevin Smith
How To Share Your Smartphone Internet Data To Your computer
Here is something you don't have a clue about, that you can browse with your PC by connecting your phone tethering hotspot to it, For Android users, these options are simple to setup. The data connection may be faster than the public WiFi in your street and this will help mostly people living in the 3rd world countries,

Using your phone data to browse on your PC is quite simple ,easy perhaps difficult to Amateurs to use, when the public wifi is not connecting, On this article we are giving you Tutorial on how you can make your Smartphone works good more like public wifi.

How To Share Your Smartphone Data To Your PC

To start with

Open your Smartphone swipe up or down to on your data for people that uses a smartphone with the feature or you go manually to data setting, after you have on your data.

search for your hotspot which is shown on the picture thuo looking at the picture up some other smartphone hotspot setting is quite different and then when you open it you'll see the three method to share your phone data to your PC or any device


USB tethering

With this method all you need to do is plug in a USB cable wire with your phone to the PC which gives you notification in your PC showing that a USB cable is connected but you have to install device drivers to your pc then turn your USB tethering on,

Go to your PC network setting you see the list of Networks available at very moment click on the one with your mobile phone name click Connect and you good to go you are now shared data to your PC with USB tethering hotspot

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Bluetooth tethering

Seeing that the USB tethering is hard for you to connect or handle?? Don't worry there is still another ways easier, Now let's go to  bluetooth tethering,

With this method all you need to do is to turn on the bluetooth tethering go to your PC navigate to the bluetooth setting turn on the bluetooth search and pair

make sure the Smartphone is at close range for it to connect easily ones you see your phone bluetooth appears on the PC choose the class of the Bluetooth  pairing as LAN or Network Access Point click Connect and you done move your smartphone to where strong network signal is and enjoy your browsing


Portable WLAN Network

Then coming to the third method which is common to tech geek all over the world but still newly to amateurs this method is one of the common and easiest way to share your Smartphone network to any device with Wi-Fi network,

Without exaggerating more on this let's go to the last method shall we?
Now turn on the portable WLAN Network when you have done that it will show a signal on navigation bar you see it in the picture we shared up

Then set up your WLAN hotspot to the Network SSID, Security and also set password if you wish not to share your Data with strangers then go to your PC wifi setting turn on your WiFi

make sure your Smartphone is in close range for strong signal wait a moment till your PC sees your smartphone wlan-hotspot click Connect note if is in password it won't connect Automatically input the password if it is and connect that's all!, you are up and running you have successfully shared your Smartphone internet data to your  PC now is ready for internet browsing.


Browsing with your Smartphone internet network data is better, simple and faster, Note!! it consumes alot of data which is the dis-advantage of it especially for people that lives in a country that do sim subscription but is quite good you can multi browse with your Smartphone and your PC at the same time which makes it fun.

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