Best awesome keyboard apps for Smartphones

11 Awesome keyboard apps for Smartphone


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Best keyboard apps for Smartphonesbest-awesome-keyboard-apps-for-smartphone

Over the years, developers has knocked out some impressive wares for text entry on smartphones and tablets, meaning there are more choices than ever before.
The best thing about technology these days is the freedom of customization. If you don’t like something on your gadget, then you can get alternatives for that. Same goes for the default apps and interface that comes with our phones, which can be changed with a little external help (third party apps).

But how do you decide what to download? We've surveyed the Google Play and Apple store for the top options. From smarter predictive typing and highly customizable keyboard layouts to swipe typing, gesture controls and specialized layouts.
Here are the 11 best awesome keyboard apps for smartphones that will bring a vibrant change in the cosmos texting apps. with exciting and fun features that will revolutionize the way you type.


1. Swiftkey:

With Swiftkey toping our list is highly rated on the Google Play Store, and the vasts of faithful fans will boast of excellent suggestive typing, high accuracy rates, and predictive emoji. It also lets you switch without exert between languages mid sentence, which is great for diglot masses.

2. Google Keyboard:

Thuo it's not the flaunt in the clump. but if you want top-notch Android integration and assurance of total privacy, you can go asserting with Google's own lightweight keyboard. Depending on your device, The keyboard offers piles of languages, dictionaries emojis and symbols with different shortcuts from voice commands to space aware gesture support.

3. Fleksy Keyboard:

The fastest texting keyboard was performed with the Flesky keyboard twice, so if tetchy response times? then customize for speed are your entity. this keyboard is actually for you. It's also free, and it doesn't come with any annoying adware and It also allows you to opt out of any programs that you find uncomfortable.

4. Touchpal: 

TouchPal has also been around for nearly 10 years. First off all, its status as a longstanding app ensures a robust security and privacy policy. The free app also features voice recognition, emojis, stickers, one-touch writing, and other nifty tricks and it doesn't feature any adware or other apps that will be popping out in your screen.

5. Go keyboard:

If you're someone who enjoys having a lot and we mean a lot of keyboards to choose from, then Go Keyboard is the way to go. It offers thousands of custom themes, in this way allowing you to show off your favorite sports teams, school colors, or just pick something that suits your style. Along with the core typing experience and themes, you also get access to emojis and other fun extras.

6. GIF Keyboard:

Do you love GIFs in an almost criminal way? Then you'll probably want an easy way to find and share your favorite GIFs via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and a host of other social platforms. This isn't necessarily a traditional keyboard, but more of an app that you can load on the fly to search for your favorite GIFs. Then, mix them up with custom filters before sending them out alongside your messages and chats, to make your conversations great and Awesome.

7. Multiling O Keyboard:

Multiling O Keyboard is the one stop shop if you need multiple languages. In fact, this keyboard app supports over 200 languages at the time of this writing which is more than pretty much every other Android keyboard. On top of superior language support, you’ll get gesture typing, the ability to set up a PC-style keyboard layout, keyboard resizing and re-positioning, themes, Emoji's. It's a powerful option for you multi-linguists out there.

8. Cheetah Keyboard:

After something elegance and awesome?? The cheetah comes With thousands of free themes to download, Cheetah Keyboard also supports DIY themes — hundreds of different fonts and backgrounds can be collectively to create your own personal theme. And it's not style without substance, Cheetah boasts all the usual predictive text, swipe typing, and autocorrect features That makes your typing easier and its more famous in brethren.

9. Microsoft Keyboard for Excel:

Here's something a little more niche. shuning the current trend for flashy additions, Microsoft’s Keyboard for Excel is just that — a keyboard that’s focused on making Excel usage on phones that much easier. Optimized for number entry, and lacking in features like autocorrect and gestures, It’s definitely not something you’re likely to stick with if you don't do a lot of number work — but if you do, this might be the keyboard you install.

10. ThemeBoard keyboard:

It probably goes without saying, but this keyboard is all about themes. The app is free, as are a number of themes in ThemeBoard's theme store, but the coolest designs are all going to cost you extra. The idea here is to support keyboard designers, who spend their time crafting patterns and images for your custom keyboard. That makes ThemeBoard a great option if style is your primary concern, but if you're more focused on productivity, you may want to look elsewhere and works perfect fine for iOS users.

11. Adaptxt Keyboard:

Intelligent keyboard for fast and smart typing in more than 90 languages and technical add-ons. Adaptxt Keyboard for Android Smartphones offers a host of great features like theme customization and key re-sizing along with a huge variety of language and industry- specific dictionary add-ons. Error correction and context-based next word prediction ensure minimal keystrokes. Typing in multiple languages has never been easier with a unique 12-key layout, plenty of great themes and loads of personality. It's just good and beautiful for your screen.

We spend so much of our lives typing away, so why not make it the most comfortable experience possible? Not all keyboards are created equal the fact is that some are more universally appreciated than others. From the way the keys feel under your fingers on screen to their size and shape there are literally hundreds of keyboard apps from which to choose. That's why we listed the best awesome keyboards apps you can go for.

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