9 Signs Of Fake Nice People You Need To Avoid

Signs Of Fake Nice People You Need To know and Avoid


/ by Kevin smith
 Signs of fake nice people
You like nice people, right? We do too. We love nice people. Who doesn't? Nobody!!!

We believed you dislike fake people and try to avoid them as much as possible? We're the same, Right?

But what happens when a nice person is actually a total fake, and is only pretending to be nice to court your favour for ominous reasons? This isn't cool. But the problem is that it isn't always so easy to detect when a person is sincere and when they're faking it. You'd think a wolf in sheep's clothing would come with many telltale signs, such as a fake moustache. But they don't. They're actually not all that easy to spot unless you know the signs.

It's high time you stop giving fake people chances to deceive you over and over again with they fake love, fake relationship, fake partnership fake friendship. Is high time you got to figure out fake attitude and say no to fake pretenders how do you do that? How do you find it out? by knowing the signs that differs fake behaviors.

So to help you out, we'll be showing you the 9 signs of fake nice people that you really need to avoid.

#1. They're Desperate For Attention:

Fake people are usually desperate for attention and think the world revolves around them. Constantly wanting to be noticed or have a superior and false sense of self importance.

#2. They Try Hard To Make People Like Them:

Fake people feels like they are valid in others lives, so they would do different things to make people like them till they seen a favourable position.

#3. They Only Respect People With Power:

Fake people respect only people who has power and are very selective about who deserves respect and who doesn't, based on what they personally gain out of it.

#4. They Wear A Different Mask To Everyone:

Fake friends always pretend when you tell them you don't like that person over there they will agree with you they hate them too but when you are not around them and that person you don't like will become best friends. This is called people pleasing, in a strange desire to please everyone your friend is being dishonest to someone, the are fake they're "nice" to you and that person and it's a fake nice.

#5. They Show Off All The Time:

Fake people can be the peacocks of the group, usually show off almost all the time. by either bragging about something they are or did to try, even for the smallest most insignificant things.

#6. They Gossip Alot:

Fake people are two faced and will show you one side while the true side is shown to those they gossip with. they say alit of truth behind your back your back instead of saying it to your face.

#7. They Make Commitments Easily But Seldom Keep Them:

Fake people are all talk and usually make promises they can't keep constantly giving excuses for them and not living up to them unless it serves a personal motive or meets a hidden agenda.

#8. They Criticize Others To Make Themselves Look Great:

Fake people will always try to find something wrong with someone's happiness, even to the extent of criticizing others, making them feel bad, so that it makes them feel better or even look great, very subtly.

#9. They're Only Nice When They Have A Hidden Agenda:

Fake people are only nice to someone if they are getting something out of it, or if it makes them look like a better person in everyone's eyes. any good they do. won't be a secret but will be used to brag about.


Your real friends will believe in you, help you pursue your dreams of becoming a lawyer, Doctor, Nurse, business owner, Actor or Actress. But your fake friends is either totally indifferent or pours cold water on your dreams especially if it isn't going to benefit them in any way. They're not even remotely pleased for you. Avoid people like this if you want to succeed and grow in life.

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