Protect your eyes from harmful blue light from your screen with Bluelight Fliter

Protect your eyes today with Bluelight fliter-Get Good Sleep , Night Mode


/ by Kevin Smith
if you are reading this, you fall into the category of people who love to read articles before retiring for the day. And why not? It is a pleasurable experience to read stuff, whether literature or trash, on those glorious smartphone displays, all by yourself. However, the vibrant screens emit blue light that can cause strains & headaches. Well, this is where blue light filter apps come in handy.

Your phone is killing your eyes!! this app helps protect your eyes by blocking the blue light from your phone. Try a blue light filter on your phone or tablet, your eyes will thank you.

The No.1 eyes protecting app according to environment is been given to you by TouchPal Inc. get yours today to Join 1,000,000 fans who have no more worries about power usage, avoid eye-strain and keep your eyes in healthy condition.

With just one single tap, blue light Filter is a FREE app protecting your sleep by filtering harmful blue light from your screen. It is also recommended for kids to relieve eye fatigue.

• Intelligently dimmer prevent screen from radiating harmful blue light;

• Optimized to use very little phone battery, extending 50%-300% time;

• Time switch mode: turn on and turn off the service at automatic time;

• Intelligent analysis score for eye usage: improve the healthier eye life;

• 4 sort of filters: Black, Blue, Green, Yellow and many DIY color modes;

• Show notification bar when eye protection modes are activated;

• Reducing the lightness even than the Android/iOS system itself.

This App is compatible with all your device

Download from Google-Play.

Blue light filter is used to reduce blue light by adjusting the screen to natural color. Blue light filter will protect your eyes and help you sleep well, especially for kids and office workers. It's more easily to make you feel comfortable during any general use of your screen, such as late night reading, playing games, typing message, shopping and chatting.

One of the best health and wellness app, auto-adjust screen brightness to extend power life, very effective for complex eye health care and protection. It is very easy to turn on/off the protection for couple of hours. Optimized to use very little of your phone battery.

when Bluelight Fliter is turned on and off.

With this app!' no need to spend money on some expensive blue light glasses for defending your eyes and sleeping well and is full compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops and LED screens.

Give it a try and see how you feel after. And if you've got any experiences or apps
you think we should know about, do drop them into the comments below.

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