Android phones with long lasting Battery life 2017

4 Best Android phones with long lasting battery life 2017


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Hello Erudites we are bringing you the top Android phones with long lasting battery, first of all buying a phone with a strong battery is awesome. Nobody wants to buy an Android phone that runs down easily and disappoint in the time of need. Though if a cell phone is been operated constantly then you need to charge it constantly than usual

In the modern era now the growing use of 4G internet, social media, Gaming and Video streaming with your Android phone doing all those features listed rapidly consumes your phone battery and to enjoy those features in your phone you need an Android phone with long lasting battery.

Battery life is one of the most important consideration before purchasing an Android phone. Battery innovation has become much stronger and awesome than the previous years. As Android phones are charging quicker as well as lasting longer on one charge but if the battery doesn't last long as you want then we guess you can check out the high end smartphones you can purchase that has Superior battery life.



Nubia N1 lunched in December 2016 (ZTE NUBIA) is one of the latest and comes with solid and long lasting battery, besides the battery? There are other features as well that are hard to get in an Android phone at this price range of $180. It comes with a rear and front camera of 13MP that makes it Superior from other $180 devices you can click some astonishing pictures and capture exciting moments to make them memories


Blackberry stormed with this long lasting battery life device, blackberry keyone might just be the most unparalleled Android phone available in the market now. Not just that it has a touch screen with a physical keyboard all together. Keyone is not just famous for it's beautiful look and design but it offers a great battery of 3505mAH capacity the device offers a rear camera of 12MP and a front camera of 8Mp for taking awesome selfies. You can play exciting games this device. The phone comes with 3GB RAM this is a phone to consider if you want classic battery life and the same time.


Lenovo is well known and trusted when it comes to Android phones. Lenovo p2 boasts a monster battery of 5100mAH capacity however this isn't the only good thing about the device. Lenovo p2 is made in two variants the one with 3GB RAM and other with 4GB RAM you can easily do multitasking on the device without thinking that it will get stuck. The finger print unlocking system keeps your Lenovo p2 safe


Without exaggerating Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is one of the best Android phone you can get with a bunch of some top notch features. The battery of this device is 3600mAH. Under normal circumstances the battery can last a day long with full brightness on and performing different activities e.g Chatting, Gaming and Video streaming it can last for at least 6 hours and 40 minutes. The look of the device is also very Attractive.


There is more 2017 Android phones with long lasting battery life but you should consider these options if you want to enjoy your phone without plugging in to charge when operating 

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