7 Cool smartphone's for internet speed browsing

Best 7 Cool smartphone's for internet speed browsing


/ by Kevin Smith
We are bringing the list of smartphone's that can give you internet speed independent. These smartphone we are about to list now has the best browsing speed you can open up to 36 tabs or pages simultaneously with these smartphone's without hanging or slowing down. When u do a lot of work in internet like mobile banking or business even simple texting,data and app download with video streaming are functions that can be achieved online. Without Exaggerating more on this let's go to the list of cool smartphone's for internet speed browsing shall we?!


As with all web enabled Apple devices as safari is the default internet browser for iPhone 6s. The iPhone smartphone allows you to open up to 36 tabs in default internet browser (safari) whether connected to a wireless internet router or using the 4G LTE network. You can browse as you want with it's bright display and impressive battery life, the 6s is ideal for web browsing.


This Samsung device similarly connects to the internet via proximity to an accessible wireless router and can also use the 4G LTE data network when talking about internet browsing specifically as opposed to texting or mobile gaming. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 allows you to stream videos read articles, Facebook pages and online books comfortable.

#3) NEXUS 6P:

This device can also connect to internet in the same manner as the Note 5 and the 6s. The device supports WiFi, 3G and 4G LTE network connections and has a screen size that looks exactly like the Note 5.

#4) ONE PLUS 2:

This device has Relevantly high performance like others listed when you talk about internet browsing capability the one plus 2 holds up well and also has a very good battery life.


This device is another Android operating system that has Google Chrome as it's default browser. The device boasts all the same browsing speed as the Note 5 the difference here is that Moto X play is extremely durable. If u want to enjoy your browsing this device is good for that not only on the go also unpredictable, chaotic circumstances, this may be the phone for you.

#6) LENOVO A7000: 

This is another booming 4G Smartphone with a high internet browsing speed. you can imagine how fast the phone will run with 4G internet speed no matter if you are browsing multiple tabs you can breeze through your tasks without any hassles of phone internet speed lagging

#7) MOTO E (2ND-GEN):

It's indubitably to imagine a list of smartphone's that doesn't feature Motorola device in it. Recently this device has a good 4G speeding browsing the device has gained immune popularity in the market tofay. Moto E is fast on browsing,it's powerful and above all affordable.

There is a lot of internet speeding smartphone's out there but we are bringing you the ones we used so far for browsing and we recommend it to you.

We are sure you carrying a phone with poor internet speed in your pocket right now, aren't you? And truly the phone is not satisfying your internet needs we probably think is a high time that you kiss a goodbye to your old phone with slow internet connection complains by switching and getting yourself a fast internet 4G network smartphone.

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