Top 9 things you didn't know about the playstation

Top 9 things you didn't know about the playstation


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The playstation is actually the best gaming software. Today I will be listing the top 9 things you didn't know about your playstation.

1. In 1980 the Japnese used the word Workstation to define their computers and then Ken Kutaragi the creator of the workstation said
" if this one is called work station that means the station used to play must be called playstation " and this is where the name came from.

2. The Playstation was a Nintendo idea in the start when Kutaragi signed but then Nintendo withdraw and Sony took it all.

3. Kutaragi was inspired from the System G a Sony creation to create the Playstation.

4. Sony never intended to enter the game industry but to help Kutaragi achieve his dream they allowed him to use the music part of the firm to work on the playstation, and then on 1994 the playstation was born.

5. Half or more than the workers of the SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) worked with sony from the start but the other half they are from music part of the firm.

6. The symbol of the playstation was not the one we knew now it was changed many times until they agreed to use this one.

7. The playstation was the first one to used CD's to play with and this is one part of the huge success of the console in fact all the other once made the same step.

8. Kutaragi said that -The game pad was harder to create then the console itself because it will be used to control 3D characters and huge stuff, he was not very certain that this will be well accepted by the player but it was the case
9. The first game pad was smaller 15% than the second version but one the version with the analog stick was released it became the one and only version.
I will be stopping here, if you want to add more then the comment box is available.
Stay tune erudites!

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