Newest Method to Create Whatsapp Account With U.S Number

Newest Method to Create Whatsapp Account With U.S Number


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Hello erudite readers! Today I have come up with a simple WhatsApp trick that enables you to create a new WhatsApp account using U.S number. As you have know, WhatsApp is one of the best social media app that people normally use to chat with there friends and relations. Now when your friends see you using a U.S number to chat in WhatsApp they will be tuned to know how you did it.  We are going to use an app called Primo to achieve this.
Create WhatsApp account with U.S number(Latest method)

* Download and install Primo calling App from Google playstore here

* After installation, open the primo App and click register
* Enter your first and last name and also choose a username and password then click sign up

* Now verify your mobile number by OTP
Once you've done the above step, then you're already halfway to create your WhatsApp account using U.S number.
* Now click on Menu button of the Primo app
* You will see a U.S number at the end of the Primo app
* Copy out the number and open your WhatsApp
  Now input the U.S number you got via Primo app in your WhatsApp and click on call
* WhatsApp will place a call to verify your number via the primo app
* Receive the call and enter the verification number you heard from the bot
  Guess that is it! Now you can show your friends this prank and get them wondering how you did it.

NOTE: please do not scam people with this trick, we are ustst dropping it for knowledge purpose, on know account must you scam anyone with this trick.

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