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Its been a while we surf the internet free, people have been waiting eagerly for any available free browsing to rock.
Today I am introducing the nairabit VPN app to you, this app was modded spontaneously and the good thing about it is that it does not require any configuration or setup before connecting.
All you have to do is to have an etisalat or glo simcard then download the nairabit VPN app and start blazing the internet like mad.
I have tested this cheat and its working perfectly with 3G network, and it seems itscapped at 60-70mb per day atleast for now. So after exhausting the data capped you have to wait for the next day. The modders did a great job in it.

NOTE: This cheat is free it does not require any airtime, you can browse the internet with 0.0k using N-VPN

How to use nairabit with pc
To use the Nairabit app with your pc you will need two apps which are Pda net and Foxfi key.
First of all download pda net for Mobile and PC then install them after that download the Foxfi key for only mobile. After that install it, then connect the nairabit vpn app when it is connected. Go to settings then go to developer options then enable your USB debugging after that open your pda net tick the Activate "USB Mode", then go to your PC and connect it, then start surfing the net with both your PC and Android device.
Also remember to tick I trust this application and tunnel whole device when asked.
Download the nairabit VPN from here and start blazing.

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