How to skip license verification in gameloft games
Gameloft are one of the leading company that develop HD games for android. There games are full of action packed sequence.
But the issue that disappoints some people in playing there games is because of the license verification process. Its actually not hard, all you have to do is to make sure you have a strong data connection, launch the game you downloaded and it will ask to verify license, click yes and wait for 2sec depending on your network. That's it, your game is ready to be played.
Today I am going to teach you how to skip license verification in Gameloft games if you're the time that can't seem to bypass there verification process.
Rooted phone
Xposed installer
Lucky patcher
* Download and install lucky patcher from here

* Go to xposed installer and activate the lucky patcher after that reboot your device
* Open the lucky patcher app and grant it root access
* Scroll down and locate the game you wish to patch
* Click on it, a drop down list will appear , tap on open menu of patches

* Click on Remove license verification
* Now click Auto modes
* On the next page that will pop up, make sure only auto mode is been ticked. Tap Apply and violla the game will start patching.

* Wait patiently for the patching process to complete
* Install the app and launch the game.
NOTE: This process might result to a force close of the game.


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