How to download paid apps from google playstore free using getapk market

Mostly all the premium/pro apps in Google playstore are been sold for a token, but we really can't risk downloading those apps which we don't know if its going to work or not. So today I will share a simple trick on how you can easily download paid apps from the Google playstore.
* Download and install getapk from here

* Launch your playstore and search for the desired paid app you which to download.
* Click on it, and locate the share button to share the app
* A list will appear. Now scroll download and select getapk market
* The getapk app will open itself, just click on the Get option * And you will be presented with a mirror link, select the first one or anyone you prefer.
* An option will appear asking to choose a browser(I recommend default browser) click on any of the browser you have installed on your phone.

* Now it will redirect you to ads, skip it and your download will start automatically.
As you can see its quiet simple and most importantly you can execute this action on both rooted and non-rooted android. Enjoy!


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