How to browse the Internet with your WhatsApp megabyte

How to browse the Internet with your WhatsApp megabyte in your Android phone


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Hello guys today I will show you how to browser the internet(any website) with your WhatsApp MB. I discovered this trick not long ago so I am going to share it with you guys. Its kind off not proper to browser the internet with the whatsapp bundle you bought but it comes in handy when you desperately need to search something important online. So let's start .
First Download and install any of these VPN app, syphon, psiphon, Tweakware etc here

Launch the app and configure below
Handler menu
Tick Remove port✅
Proxy type: real host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: SOCKS
Real proxy port: 80
Then save…
Goto settings(inside the app: syphon, psiphon etc) and set the following
Connect through an HTTP proxy✅
Use the following settings ⏺
Host address:
Then click back
Name: Erudipedia
APN type: Default
Port: 8080
Then save it and connect your VPN
NOTE: this steps is only working on Mtn simcard

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