why the letters in the computer keyboard are not in alphabetical order
why the letters in computer keyboard are not in alphabetical order

Computer keyboard been an input device has quite been one of the essential components of the computer system. Now I have been asking myself why actually is the keyboard not in alphabetical order?

The first typewriter was built in 1868 by Christopher latham sholes. A newspaper editor and printer from milwaukee, then the typewriter was actually in alphabetical order.

Reason why it was redesigned!
Having seen how fast the olden day typewriter was, it was redesigned to make it a bit slower for typist but the measure reason why it was redesigned was due to the fact that it jam a lot. For example When you try typing the later TH or JK you will see how inconvenient it is.

The new keyboard was later named QWERTY derived from the letter of the first 6 alphabet in the keyboard and it actually made typing easier both on mobile phones,laptop, PC.


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  1. This was something I was thinking of but hadn't time to investigate. Thanks for sharing these interesting stuffs.