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Flashing of custom ROMs has become a very easy and tactic thing to do, people aim of flashing ROMs varies in all aspect for example I started flashing ROMs due to a crucial virus that attacked my mobile phone, I knew how many time I had to flash it using PC but the virus won't bulge.
I was so desperate so I joined the world of flashing ROM which I never for once regretted. Now the most annoying things in ROMs are bugs, some ROMs are never stable they keep irritating the owner to the extent of you getting tired of it, but there's also a solution to some of those bugs which I am going to emphasis on one now.
Have you ever flashed a custom ROM that came with a logo.bin?. If yes then you surely will have a problem with your battery charging icon. Now let me give an example with some experience, there was once a time when I flashed a custom ROM, I could remember it was xperia ROM then. After using the ROM for 1 month I felt like reverting back to my stock ROM soo I went ahead and restored my device stock ROM.
Now I noticed something crucial after restoring my stock ROM. When my phone is switched off and I plug it to charge, the first battery icon that shows differs from my stock battery icon, it looked extremely tattered and unpleasant to the eye.

I had to find a solution for it like ASAP and I did. Today I am going to drop the tutorial here...
Steps to fix battery icon
The first thing you have to do is to get a command to flash back your stock logo.bin but don't worry I have written a sequence of command for you to follow. After that you have to get your device logo.bin.
To get your device logo.bin file  click here. Scroll down and download the one made specifically for your device.
Unzip the downloaded file and copy out the logo.bin
Download the command you will be needing here its in zip format so you have to extract it. When you unzip it you will see a folder named META-INF and also some sub folder in it
Paste the logo.bin you copied earlier at the extracted zipped file 
NOTE: don't paste it inside the META-INF look at screenshot below

 Now mark the META-INF folder and the logo.bin and compress them.
Reboot your phone to recovery and flash the file you compressed earlier Its done. To know if it worked switch of your device and plug it in a socket for charging,you will notice that your battery icon has been fixed.

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