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Good morning erudite readers! Today we are going to review the GB WhatsApp app in other to know if its actually good and more convenience to use.
GB WhatsApp was created in other to enable users to run two WhatsApp app in there android phone. GB WhatsApp came with some cool amazing features that let's you customize the look and feel of the app.
From the main startup screens, you will notice that the app gives you an option to restore your previous backed up chat with your friends and folks.
From the startup screen, you will notice the floating button embedded in the app, those button have there own work separately.
Brush button: The brush floating button allows you to view the downloading files you have made so far while chatting.
Pen button: The pen button is actually the GB whatsapp settings which when clicked will take you to a page with many option to customize the chat screen widget's etc in the app.
File button: This features when clicked shows a brief list of your last seen and when you are active. It also show the activities you performed while using the app.
GB WhatsApp enables you to change and choose between different languages.
when chatting with the app, you will notice the status at the top of your friends contact list. Its easy to see what he had in mind rather than going to settings to see it.
When you click on option and navigate to GB settings, upon scrolling down you will see the various features and awesome option for customization enabled in this app.
Themes... Under the theme option,you are provided an option to download numerous themes created by GB WhatsApp. You just have to try it out and see how awesome and gorgeous this themes are.
Appearance....This is actually the best feature I like most about the app, the 1 conversation screen enables you to change the
Header color
Translucent mode
Header: the header settings helps you to  enable/tick bold text and also to disable opening contact/group pic when clicking on header pic also hide call icon and contact pic.
Chat: it enables you to change color of chats in conversation screen thereby enabling chat bubble style custom wallpapers etc.
Translucent mode: the translucent mode does not really perform a great function and it only works with android 5.0 lollipop. it changes the status and navigation bar color to more a awesome color.
Pics: this enables you to change contact pics config in chat screen.
You can now explore more about the app by downloading it here.
Stay tuned.

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