Batman: The telltale series delayed for android till September


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Batman the telltale series that was previously announced to be available on August 2nd has been rescheduled to September 13th. The reason is still yet unknown because its unlike telltale to delay there games to be released like this. Batman will be available for the platforms below
Microsoft wind
Os x
PlayStation 3
Playstation 4
Xbox 360
Xbox one
Android (coming soon)
What to expect in the game....
Batman the telltale series  is an episodic game that features a single and multi player. Just like other similar telltale games, players will be given an option in approaching a situation and having that choice affect the later in the game. The game includes action package storyline unlike the batman arkham city, it won't be an arcade game thus its going to be fun. 
For us android users and gamers the game will soon be hitting our platform so stay tuned. Happy gaming!

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