Amazing: Gameloft declares that there future games will be free


/ by Henry Emmanuel
Gameloft the prestigious company known highly for there high graphic games has declared that there future games will be free.
This news was confirmed on Twitter when a guy requested for a game worth $6.99. A game similar to modern combat 4.
Speaking of there future games
Although we are not sure of the future games they will be producing since its all a rumor, but we are highly anticipating for the game to come soon. Here's the list of the game rumored to be produced in future.
Gangster Rio new Orleans
Just like the gangster Rio city of saint and the gangster Vegas they plan to take it further to the new Orleans which will be extremely action packed and thriving.
Asphalt 9
Boom! It seems gameloft are quite into giving us a racer game we won't forget in a hurry, its rumoured that the asphalt 9 won't only come with motor racer but also bike, were you race as fast as you can to top the first list.

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