How to install obb games to android phone

How to install obb games to android phone


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Android users has been asking this particular question over and over again, so we decided to write it down here in other to make things a lot easier.

What exactly does OBB stand for?

OBB stands for "opaque binary blob" its term is common in computer science. It can also be referred as data files since it contains sizable and huge data.

Where can I find the obb file and how to use it?

OBB files can be found mostly in android phones, when you download an android games, example the GTA series it comes with two files after extraction namely

The apk
The files data

Now you must be wondering how to get about in installing this two files. When you install the apk, and launch the game it surely won't work since there's something crucial missing and that is the game data.

When you download a game with data file from playstore,you dont need to follow this steps because it automatically gets installed in your android phone thus installing both the apk and data in your mobile.

How to install obb file in android

Extract the zip file you downloaded. Sometimes they just come separately, now  install the apk and don't open it, copy the game data file that you have downloaded and paste it in

If you want it to be in the internal storage then paste it in internal/Android/obb.

If you didnt see the obb folder, you can manually 
create it then paste the file there.

Now go back and launch the game and enjoy.

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