Hello guys, today we're going to teach you how you can download Korea movies online from any Korean movie website since its quite difficult to download Korea movies but you can watch it online, we discovered this trick and decided to share it so that you can also benefit from it .

1. Visit any korean movie website you want using your web browser,type in the movie name you want to download in the search bar, for example we want to download "the night watchman" we will type in night watchman in the search box.

2. A list will appear showing you all the episode of the movie you searched earlier. Once you click on any episode you will be taken to another page (as showed below)

3. Now pay attention here... Once you have reached to this level, copy the movie url (tap and hold on the URL at the top right hand side of the search box as showed above in red color then press copy). You're almost there now open a fresh page and type in Dramadownloader.
4. Now paste in the video link you copied earlier from dramafire.com and click continue... Once it loads, you will see a server 1 and server 2 etc box ..here you can click on any server you want..let's say you clicked on server 2, it will take you to Mp4upload.com.

(5). Once you're taken to the next link above, click on create download link that's it, you're through ...repeat the steps to Download more episode or interchange the episode 1 to 2(in the link you pasted on dramadownloader search box) and click continue.. Keep interchanging till you are done with the episodes.

We actually tested this with Dramafire.com which is not existing again but this trick works in all korean drama websites so head over to any Korean website you want use this trick to bag in Korean movies of your choice.
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